Our counselling techniques

Eden Therapy Services uses three main counselling techniques to inform the work of your journey.

Technique One

Resurrection theory is a term coined during the research of Eden Therapy Services by Rebecca Braid for her PhD at La Trobe University Melbourne. This theory focuses on the belief that there is hope for the choices and changes you can make to your life. The theory is carried out in the context of therapeutic practice in conjunction with a spirituality service the practice has become renown for.

Technique Two

Milan Systemic Family Therapy is a model of practice which emphasizes the journey you are on as a history and experience to be understood rather than a problem to be solved. This technique focuses on neutral perspectives to what you are currently facing with informed information from your past. The technique is used by all therapists at Eden Therapy Services.

Technique Three

Narrative Therapy is a technique of storytelling and claiming back a new story for your life if this is what you choose. This technique focuses on the belief of a unique story for each individual and unlimited possibilities for a new story in your life. This technique is used by all therapists at Eden Therapy Services.