Recommended Reading

The book list below is some of the reading we recommend to our clients that may be of help in their therapy.

If you choose to read any book yourself, here are some suggestions before you start:

  • these books are used for therapeutic help,
  • read the books slowly,
  • if any issues arise for yourself from what you have read and you are concerned about them, you may wish to seek futher help.

Emotional Issues

The Dance of Anger     by Harriet Lerner     ISBN No. 006091565X
The Dance of Connection     by Harriet Lerner     ISBN No. 006095616X
The Dance of Deception     by Harriet Lerner     ISBN No. 0060924632
The Dance of Intimacy     by Harriet Lerner     ISBN No. 006091646X
The Secret Life of Bees     by Sue Monk Kidd     ISBN No. 0142001740
Women in Therapy     by Harriet Lerner     ISBN No.0060972289

Marriage, Intimacy and Sex

Passionate Marriage     by David Schnarch     ISBN No. 006091565X


Awareness     by Anthony De Mello     ISBN No. 0385249373
The Prayer of the Frog     by Anthony De Mello     ISBN No. 8187886250
Morning Star Journal     Morning Star Ministries

Survivors of Abuse

Breaking the Silence     by Candida Hunt and Liz Mullinar     ISBN No. 0733604838
The Liz Mullinar Story     by Liz Mullinar and Simon Hopkinson     ISBN No. 073360482X


More Than A Conqueror     Steven P. Bennett OAM     ISBN No. 9780646568782